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3+ Drops Out of Looping Mode

Discuss the GoPro Hero3 White & Silver + BacPacs, General, Issues and Trouble Shooting

3+ Drops Out of Looping Mode

Postby mcman56 » Sun Feb 01, 2015 3:04 am

I have a Hero 3+ silver with a 32GB Lexar 300x SD card. It is set at 1080-60 and looping mode with MAX setting. For the second time, it has dropped out of looping mode, signaled as full and shut off. When I tried to put it back into looping mode, there was a full warning and it would not go in. There was a "Not Enough Capacity" warning. I did not keep records but total record time is likely around the 2 hours and 45 minutes of record time that GoPro states as the capacity of the card. (This may have been the case the first time but I'm not sure.)

I want it set up to continuously record like a security camera. The oldest file (files?) could be overwritten as space is needed. I am quite sure I had it in looping mode. I'm no expert so could be misinterpreting instructions or doing something else wrong. I assume mistakes can also be made in the "step through" method of setting functions. Is there a way to access the set up from a PC? A one page set up screen certainly be convenient.
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