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A Comparison of Two Small External Stereo Mics

Discuss External Mics, Recorders, etc. No Camera Issues Please.

A Comparison of Two Small External Stereo Mics

Postby markr041 » Sat Jan 10, 2015 6:37 am

In this video, clips are shot with the internal mono mic and two small stereo mics - the Sony ECM-CS3 and the Olympus ME51S - outside (with wind) at a construction site and indoors in a "silent" room. You also hear the effect of using a dead cat on the external mic to get rid of wind noise. I was interested in picking up ambient sounds, not recording speech. Thus, stereo is useful.

The results: 1. The external mics have greater frequency range (bottom and top), but that means they pick up wind rumble more. 2. The dead cat really makes a difference - dramatic - in eliminating wind noise.
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