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HD Hero1 with new Battery bacpac Freezes after two hours

Discuss the GoPro Hero 5Mp & HD 960 in General, Issues and Trouble Shooting

HD Hero1 with new Battery bacpac Freezes after two hours

Postby DMUGUERZ » Wed Aug 06, 2014 7:52 am


I have had a HD Hero 1 for a couple of years now and in preparation for a long MTB race next weekend I purchased a Battery Bacpac (The newest model, Black with the USB connector in the side not in the back).
According to the Bacpac Battery box and the manual it is compatible with the Original HD Hero if you are in 1.1.54 or higher firmware version.
The problem I have is that: the camera freezes after 2 hours of use (r4 video or time lapse) and The only way to reset the camera is removing the bacpac and main battery.

Some Facts
While recording the number 2 indicating Bat Bacpac is visible all the time.
The battery bacpac remains cool but the camera main battery becomes hot.
The charge display in the Bacpac shows full charge after two hourse of use.
The main battery is completely empty after that.
Problem occurs in 1.1.54 and in 1.1.102 In each case the firmware application was verified by picture properties detail
I use SD cards (Not micro SD with Adapter)
Problem replicated with Sandisk Exteme 16gb 45mb/s and Sandisk Exteme pro 32gb 95mb/s
I also have a LCD bacpac and it works very well.

I sent an email to GoPro but waiting response

The problem is my race is in four days Help !!!!

Thanks in advance

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