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How does BacPac (or other external battery) work

Reliably Power your GoPro, USB, Dummy Battery, etc

How does BacPac (or other external battery) work

Postby mbot » Mon Jan 19, 2015 8:28 pm

Hi all,

I am new to GoPro and trying to build a custom accessory for it that will connect through the Hero Port. The accessory will have an external battery but will also have a cellular radio.

I would like to know how currently the gopro drains the external battery:
- Does it first use the external battery then the internal one?
- Or does it use the internal battery all while the external one recharges the internal?

Then, there is the question of my cellular radio. Its power consumption will be non-negligeable compared to that of the go-pro. The idea is to connect it to the external battery as well and then when that one runs down, drain from the internal battery. Although I am not sure the Hero Port provides power output through its pins.

Anyone here has some experience on this?
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