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I'm sold.... The CAMKIX Universal Dual Function GoPro Clamp

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I'm sold.... The CAMKIX Universal Dual Function GoPro Clamp

Postby sidd finch » Mon Nov 17, 2014 10:28 am

Got home today and there sitting quietly on the steps was my new CAMKIX Universal Dual Function GoPro Clamp. It was a very compact small box with nice packaging. Most people do not purchase gear based on the attributes of the box so I will spare you the details.

I am really impressed with this clamp. First thing I noticed was how nice the quality of all the pieces are and how modular the thing is. This is especially nice if you like to DIY your gear to make it multipurpose. CAMKIX saved me that trouble because everything is based on a standard ¼ inch thread and modular. You can unscrew each piece and only use the pieces you need for that shoot, or use them all together. You get a really strong clamp with heavy duty rubber ends with a male ¼ screw. This can be attached to the included Ball and Socket for compact mounting options like my bike, or you can also use with the metal gooseneck for extended reach.

To have all the pieces be able to come apart so you can mix and match is huge. It does not take up a lot of room for storage and it means that you can also adapt additional gear for more intricate shoots. You could also potentially buy 2 so that you can screw the goosenecks together if you need the additional reach.

Very happy with this piece of gear and it will always be in my travel bag ready to go when I am out and about. There seems to be a few companies out there that are making high quality gear at a really affordable price. CAMKIX is added to that list. All we need is Ifti to do one of his video product reviews…… lol.

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