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My computer doesn't recognize the GoPro.

PC related editing but NOT GoPro Studio

My computer doesn't recognize the GoPro.

Postby Grayghost » Thu May 19, 2011 7:46 am

When I received my camera I downloaded the latest firmware. When I plug my camera into the same USB port I use for my Sony to down load, the LCD screen shows USB on the camera but the computer doesn't see the camera and it will ask if I have a disc to load the software. If I use as card reader in the same usb port and my import screen come up to import, it doesn't show anything on the sd disc, but if I put it back in the camera I can view the video on the camera. So I know the is someting on the disc.
I can delete pictures and videos (reformat) from the sd card and record new videos, and play back the video on the camera, but when the Corel Pro X4 tries to import the video it shows nothing is on the sd card. When I first recorded a video, when I was playing around, and I got it to download and it shows up on my Corel program, but I can not go back and figure out how I did it. I have tried different ways to repeat the process and can not repeat it.
If I use a card reader in the usb port, the computer will ask me if I want to import, My screen will show "Import Media Files to PMB" It will show number of files to import 0(0 bytes). So if I click yes it shows "Cannot find the media files to import." I can put it back in the camera and view the video. I'm not the greatest person when it comes to computers so I have to learn through trial and error. I'm going to keep playing around and trying different things and different sd cards and see what I'm doing wrong, so If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it. :roll:
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