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Hi from Switronix! We offer GoPro Power Solutions!

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Hi from Switronix! We offer GoPro Power Solutions!

Postby Switronix » Fri Jun 20, 2014 1:32 am

Hi! We're Switronix and have recently released a line of power solutions for the GoPro camers!

The new DV-GP3 GoPro Power adapters redefine power for these small POV cameras. The adapters lock into the battery receptacle on the back of the camera, doing away with the need to rely on the USB connection, which can come out easily in active situations. Providing a reliable and secure power connection is essential when using the GoPro camera, since the cameras are put in precarious and high impact settings.

Limitations of GoPro without Switronix GoPro Power Solutions:

- Power
-battery lasts less than one hour
-over extended periods of time camera can
-overheat and shut down
WITH Switronix GoPro Power Solutions:

-Created battery emulator cable with 50ft. length of cable
-Locks-into battery compartment vs. mini-USB which is unreliable
-Creates NO ADDITIONAL HEAT, like batteries would when discharging
-Allows the use of GoPro front submersible housing

We offer the adapter with power regulation and the ability to power from cigarette, powertap and an XT60 "Y" connection, widely used amongst Quad, Hex and Octocopters. Along with the mobile power options, we are offering a 10ft. USB extension which can be used with OEM GoPro Wall and Auto charging adapters.

These products have an MSRP range of $30-45US.
Visit the GoPro Solutions product page here.http://www.switronix.com/products?page=shop.browse&category_id=54

Check out this quick YouTube video on the products:

Feel free to ask any questions on products!
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