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Hero 960 - Got an SOS Message and a non Closed File

Discuss the GoPro Hero 5Mp & HD 960 in General, Issues and Trouble Shooting

Hero 960 - Got an SOS Message and a non Closed File

Postby teedoubleu » Thu Sep 12, 2013 3:07 am

Hi, I am hoping someone can offer me some tips and maybe a fix on a situation I am in after using my Hero 960.

I was recording some motorcycle trackday videos and from what I can tell my SD card came unseated during my last video. I did get an SOS message on the LCD and when I try and view the final video I can't get windows media player or VLC to play it. Both error out with a message regarding a corrupt file. What I suspect is that the file did not get closed properly when the card came unseated. The file is about 800 mb so there is some content there, I just am really hoping that I can retrieve it somehow.

Is there a way to either close the mp4 file off so that a video player can read it or a utility that might be able to strip the early part of the file out so it is viewable.

Hoping the someone might have run into something similar in the past and can help out. This was the last video of the day and should have some really great footage in it, hence my desire to salvage something.

Any input or help is appreciated

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Re: Hero 960 - Got an SOS Message and a non Closed File

Postby stickair » Thu Jun 26, 2014 9:59 am

Hi there.
I've got this trouble when I shutdown the cam without stopping first the video from recording.

Check this out before shutdown.
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