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Smatree gooseneck mount review

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Smatree gooseneck mount review

Postby bcharlow » Thu Oct 02, 2014 12:35 pm

Smatree does it again with a well engineered product that may well outshine the Gopro version.
The gooseneck has 5 parts in 4 sections: a long thumbscrew, a well built tripod mount, a strong and versatile 360 degree ball head, and the gooseneck itself attached to the clamp.Everything is sharp looking, well constructed, and made of either strong plastic or latex covered metal (my surmise about the gooseneck itself.) This item elevates the camera by 13", one of the longest reaches I've seen for goosenecks that would hold a Gopro steady..
One nice thing about the tripod mount is that the nut is integral to the mount, so it can never be lost. Neat piece.
The ball section can help situate the system in many directions and locks firmly into place with a knurled ring nut that turns easily.
The gooseneck is slim, but stiff and strong. Not so stiff that it doesn't flex the way you want, just stiff enough not to flop when stressed, which is what you DO want it to be like altogether.
The clamp is wide with a strong metal spring inside. The lips are flat with a rubber coating and the midsection is a rubber coated rounded shape. Overall this allows you to clamp on many shapes of objects up to about 3" in width.
Testing the clamp was a slightly different story. It isn't necessarily always rock solid on every surface or shape, rather it's better on some than on others. It was very best on a rectangular chair piece and couldn't be budged, period. It was not rock steady on a short slick table top edge, where it could be slid around. Round shapes were variable in grip strength. I compared this with my workshop clamps and found that the Smatree clamp was generally superior to them in all cases. As long as you aren't counting on the clamp to be superior to a glued or screwed on mount, it will do most jobs for you well.
I had a competing manufacturer's long gooseneck system - the kind with the kinky ball and socket design and a very sturdy looking one (not the Gorilla or Joby narrower models). Looked good but broke under normal loads.
So for my money the Smatree is best of class.
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Re: Smatree gooseneck mount review

Postby sidd finch » Thu Oct 02, 2014 2:28 pm

I agree these guys make outstanding products. I also like the fact that the clap is rounded so you can clamp it to a bar or a tube and when not in use it curls up into a nice small package. They are pretty generous in that they always include the screws too. Sma is a winner.

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sidd finch
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