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Motorcycle Rack Mounts

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Motorcycle Rack Mounts

Postby Larsharley » Wed Apr 27, 2011 8:09 am

I wanted to take some rear facing videos and pics from my Harley but the GoPro handlebar mount that works well on my passing lamps bar up front won't work in the rear. The rear luggage rack was the obvious place for a mount but I didn't want to stickie a flat GoPro mount on the rack because I often carry things back there. I tried two versions of mounts on the rear rack and both worked well.

The first mount is simply using a GoPro flat mount and two cable ties. I just cross tied (real tight), using the cable ties, the mount onto the rear rack. It was very stable even though I left the stickie pad (with cover) on the mount. A mount without the stickie pad would be even more stable.

For peace of mind, I used a safety lanyard (see my post on Safety Lanyard). The red arrows in the pic below help you see the black lanyard against the background.

The second mount (I like it the best) is using the GoPro camera shipping mount (the bottom of the plastic housing the camera came in). I drilled four 1/4" holes in the shipping mount (placed appropriately to allow cable ties to go around a cross bar of the rear rack). Then, using two cable ties, tied it down. Because of the large area of the shipping mount, this method is very stable. The red arrows in the pic below show where the four holes are (the wire ties are already in place). The yellow arrow shows you the round cross bar of the rear rack that the cable ties go under.

Again, for peace of mind, I used a safety lanyard. The red arrows help you see the black lanyard against the black shipping mount.
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Re: Motorcycle Rack Mounts

Postby coupe1942 » Thu Sep 22, 2011 10:34 am

Look at this Harbor Freight site for the Multi-position magnetic base shown there. I recently got one to tinker with. For less than $10 bucks I figured I could try modifying it in some manner to work on my bike or just use in the shop. It has a lever on the side that locks the base into position. It has a 45 lb pull to it, so if modified, it can hold a GoPro pretty easily. I plan to replace the rods with a 1/4" threaded rod and add the GoPro tripod mount. As I look at it, there may even be a way to hook an egg timer up and see how that works, too. My rear motorcycle rack is made of steel, so this magnet locks onto it fairly easily. Again, I have not really put it to the tests, as I have some other mods that I am working on at present. However, if you just want some rear views, this may be an item that can be modified wihout having to drill any holes in the rack or such. I am still looking it over to see what all the variations may be for modifying the thing for use on my motorcycle and sidecar.

Once the lever is pushed down on this magnetic base unit, it clamps down pretty solidly. I still use a tether though. The base is heavy, so that may be unexpected when you take the base out of the box. Heavy is sometimes good though, as shake and movement should be minimal.

http://www.harborfreight.com/catalogsea ... t?q=magnet


There are probably other ways to add some various clips or mounts to this magnetic base in order to increase its potential as a DIY camera mount.

I am glad you promote the use of a safety lanyard. Having lost a flip once, I promote such use, as well.
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Re: Motorcycle Rack Mounts

Postby mclarck17 » Mon Nov 10, 2014 7:07 pm

You did a great work making this motorcycle rack and yes magnet locks are great for it. I think nylon zip ties do the trick for me.
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