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Cineform MOV format and iMovie compatability

Mac related Editing Software but NOT GoPro Studio

Cineform MOV format and iMovie compatability

Postby incendiary » Mon Nov 10, 2014 7:30 am

I've search multiple forums and haven't had any luck fixing my issue so it's time to post. I'm running os X Yosemite, and iMovie 10 (it's all up to date). I've been using the go pro studio editing software so far and wanted to switch over to iMovie which is when I've started getting all the problems. My gopro is the hero 3+ black and the footage is at 1080 60fps

1. imovie will open the mp4 file straight from the camera, but my laptop doesn't have to power to actually work with it in a usable fashion (choppy).
2. I converted the file using go pro studio (so now it's an MOV file) and iMovie grays out the file.
3. After much searching I learned that the MOV is in a cineform studio format (for gopro software) and that I need the cuneiform codec pack to use these files. I installed the pack and restarted.
4. iMovie still won't recognize the files. Quick time will now open the file, but it runs conversion first and then the file is playable. Upon closing quicktime it asked me if I want to save the converted file. This converted file WILL open in iMovie and play the clip properly (yay!).
5. The cineform mov file still won't open after this.

So if I want to use iMovie the process would be - load file onto computer - convert to mov using gopro studio - open converted file in quick time to convert again then save - open in iMovie.

No one else seems to be having this much of an issue so I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong or what needs to change. I'm pulling my hair out on this one.
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Re: Cineform MOV format and iMovie compatability

Postby OpticalFish » Sun Nov 16, 2014 1:40 am

Having the same issue as you and as yet have found no easy solution.
When I "upgraded" from iMovie 9 to 10, most of my GoPro footage in several events and projects did not convert and import, leaving a huge amount of missing footage - but the soundtrack for each file and other iMovie markers, etc are there. I installed the CineForm codec but it has not helped and I am left having to do conversion through Quicktime on each file.

Interestingly, Quicktime 7 will still open the CineForm files without the painfully slow conversion process but the current version of QT will not.
I had used iMovie for a year or so in learning something about editing before jumping into a more expensive program, and ended up with several nice projects. I am now debating whether the time invested in trying to salvage the projects will be worth it... thanks once again Apple.
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