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9 hours of use plus more

Reliably Power your GoPro, USB, Dummy Battery, etc

9 hours of use plus more

Postby Biffa98 » Wed Oct 22, 2014 8:15 pm

Hi all,

Yesterday I tried a new setup to extend the range of my gopro's and managed to do a 9 hr time lapse (all be it not the most interesting) as a proof of concept.

The final video is here 9hrs down to 3 mins

The setup is as follows

Gopro hero 3 black plus with 32gb card

1 frame taken every 5 seconds (6510 images taken)

Skeleton housing

Power supply was an Anker external battery 10000mah (about £20 on amazon)

To note I also removed the gopro battery as I was concerned about the heat generation from it being constantly on charge and also the Anker automatically cuts out once it detects a fully charged battery to remove this problem from happening and stopping the time lapse before I wanted it to.

From a card point it was close to full with enough space for another 500 images only however with a bigger card more images although that is where the limit will be i believe is in card capacity.

From a power point of view the Anker has 4 lights on it to show how much charge it has left only one light had gone out and looking at its recharge time I estimate it had used about a third of its available power meaning in theory it could run the gopro for about 30 hrs if needed.

As ever thoughts and comments questions welcome.
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Re: 9 hours of use plus more

Postby jamesb72 » Sat Nov 29, 2014 11:18 pm

Great info, I got a 10,000mah USB pack for £8 delivered which seems to work fine, its branded Floureon and is a nice design with a smiley face of LED/charge plug on one end and 2A and 1A outputs.

I hadn't thought of removing the battery from gopro, so good tip.
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Re: 9 hours of use plus more

Postby chrisnotap » Sat Dec 06, 2014 11:07 am

I wonder if this would work on the H2? I don't understand why this is not a normal option on gopros to do long extended time lapse since we live in a world that is 24hrs. long each day. A great option they should all have! I have a 12v battery that I want to use with the cigarette adapter to usb to the gopro. I have someone snooping my property and I want to time lapse for about 30 hrs.
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