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4k workflow warp stabilizer

Mac related Editing Software but NOT GoPro Studio

4k workflow warp stabilizer

Postby docjfnoel » Wed Oct 29, 2014 2:18 am

I usually edit my 4K footage in Premiere CC in a 1080p sequence. Since I export in 1080p anyways, it gives me some "extra pixels" to zoom in or stabilize my shots without loosing sharpness.
But when I apply the Warp Stabilizer effect, Premiere asks to "nest" the clip because it doesn't have the same dimensions of the sequence (4K vs 1080p). I wonder if I then loose the 4K "extra pixels benefit" and if doing that converts my 4K clip in a 1080p clip.
Anyone's got a good workflow for stabilization in Premiere CC?
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Re: 4k workflow warp stabilizer

Postby Fotodiox Pro » Wed Dec 24, 2014 6:55 am

Hi docjfnoel,

Sounds like you're using the standard workflow for warp stabilizer. If you're exporting out to editing in a 1080 sequence and exporting out to 1080, that's the resolution you're going to get, regardless of weather your footage was originally shot at 4K.

If you want a stabilized 4K video, just create a 4K sequence and apply warp stabilize to it. There are settings in the warp stabilizer that will auto crop your video and let you keep the resolution. Obviously, autocroping will zoom in on the footage a bit, and it won't be as high quality as it would without zooming.
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