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cineform .mov into imovie 10.0.6

Mac related Editing Software but NOT GoPro Studio

cineform .mov into imovie 10.0.6

Postby interdec » Thu Jan 15, 2015 3:03 pm

Hi folks.

I am new to the world of gopro, so please excuse me if I am sounding somewhat inexpert.

I have got myself a gopro Hero4 black, with which I am very pleased.

I am an experienced imovie user, always using the latest version, currently 10.0.6.

I am understanding that my files output directly from the camera are h264?? I am also understanding that I will have greatest editing capability if I adjust and convert in gopro studio to cineform .mov files.

I then want to import the files into imovie, so that I can blend with my other footage and stills. However, I can not seem to do this. Imovie does not see the cineform .mov files (greyed out). After some research, I understood that installing neoplayer would solve this problem for me, but it has not done so. It did install, but does not make any difference.

I see from some research that a lot of people are facing this issue, but after a few hours spent reading, I can't see than anyone has actually come up with a solution, or if they have, no one is letting-on! So, I thought I'd come straight to the home of the experts....HELP!


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Re: cineform .mov into imovie 10.0.6

Postby interdec » Sun Jan 18, 2015 8:06 pm

Just wondering if the lack of any response means that no one knows/no one has managed to figure it out, or if I am suffering from cyber BO?

Jim :-)
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Re: cineform .mov into imovie 10.0.6

Postby Ifti » Sun Jan 18, 2015 9:45 pm

Have you tried importing from the camera to iMovie directly? Why do you need to use Cineform at all?

I import my footage from the camera directly into FCPX and everything works fine. I seem to recall doing the same when I used to use iMovie. I've never used any other software in between.
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