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GoPro firmware update damaged my camera

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GoPro firmware update damaged my camera

Postby romanski » Wed Jun 29, 2016 1:41 pm

Hello All,

I am new here but wanted to share my GoPro support and warranty experience with you. I was given a GoPro Hero 4 Silver for my birthday last July. My family and I recently came back from a trip to Mexico where we used the GoPro with great success. When we came back to California and I connected my GoPro to my computer to download pictures, and I began receiving messages through the GoPro app that the GoPro camera needed to be updated.

I already had a fully charged battery in the GoPro and clicked to accept the update. As the update progressed, my camera started to flash a red light and I received a message on my GoPro that the update failed. I followed the instructions on the GoPro support site and restarted the camera. When it came back, all the settings were lost and I could not reconnect the camera to my computer nor my Android cellphone which also had the GoPro wireless app. I called GoPro technical support and was assisted by Laurence who told me to download the latest GoPro firmware, place it on a mini SD card, reinsert it into the camera and let the camera update again. We did this three times and each time it failed. Laurence's thoughts where that my Mini SD card was bad so I tried the three extras I had and had been using with the GoPro. After the third time Laurence told me that the camera was damaged by the software update and that it needed to be replaced.

He asked me for a receipt. I told him it was a gift and that I did not have it. He asked me for the serial number, which I gave him and he said that GoPro would be able to track down the purchase of the camera by its serial number. I asked my friends for the receipt to the camera but they no longer had it. Laurence was unable to track down the camera by serial number and since I did not have a receipt, I was asked to ask my friends for their personal bank statement which would have to show the purchase price of the camera. At this point I refused to ask my friends for their personal bank statement as it was too intrusive. Laurence said he spoke with his supervisor and the supervisor told him to tell me that GoPro would extend me a forty percent discount on a purchase of a new GoPro Hero 4 Silver. I refused to accept the offer because I did not cause the damage to my own camera. The damage to my camera was caused by the GoPro software/firmware update. I asked Laurence for his supervisor's contact info. Christian DC(supervisor) emailed me and basically said that GoPro would do nothing more then give me a 40% discount for a new camera or I provide proof of purchase. We went back and forth for several days with no resolution.

So I am extremely disappointed with GoPro, it's lack of adequate technical support, and lack of customer service. I used the camera maybe a total of 3-4 times for the time I have owned it and spent another $100 on accessories. I refuse to accept the marketing strategy from GoPro to sell a new camera.

Fortunately, I was able to at least get our pictures and videos off of the memory cards.
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Re: GoPro firmware update damaged my camera

Postby flareside » Wed Jun 29, 2016 2:11 pm

Some stores can reproduce a receipt if given the credit card number. You might find out where it came from and if the store says it's possible, you might let your friend know what is going on and ask to take him for a trip to the store, throwing in an offer for a nice lunch to go with it. If it was an online purchase, users can generally re-generate a receipt by just looking back through their purchase history.

And yes, you have every right and truly should be disappointed with GoPro. Not only did they trash your camera but they also know by the serial number when it was manufactured and just how long it has been on the street and from that time frame be able to discern that it is in (or is at least close enough to being in) warranty that they should do something about it.

If all else fails, go after them on social media. Profits are down right now and they don't need a crap storm on social media making things worse.
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Re: GoPro firmware update damaged my camera

Postby romanski » Wed Jun 29, 2016 2:25 pm

thanks flareside, I appreciate your advice.
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