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Suggested settings for rapidly changing light conditions?

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Suggested settings for rapidly changing light conditions?

Postby localstarlight » Sun Jul 10, 2016 12:27 am


I'm using a GoPro (Hero4 Silver) for a commercial project coming up, but don't have much experience shooting with them, so looking for some tips.

My subject will be wearing the camera, chest-mounted, going down a tube slide that has sections in complete darkness and sections where the light comes in. The slide is pretty fast, so the sections of light don't last that long (~5-6 seconds or so).

I was able to conduct a test a few days ago, and the GoPro did pretty well, but was pretty slow at adjusting the exposure once it came out of the dark section of tunnel into the light, such that it was only just finding a good exposure by the time the light section ended.

I'm used to using cameras with full manual settings, and in a situation like this I would just expose for the light section and leave it at that (I don't need footage in the dark parts of the slide). Seems like you can't totally lock the exposure on a GoPro, so I'm wondering if anyone with lots of experience with GoPro filming has any suggestions for something like this.

I discovered the existence of Protune after I shot the test, but it seems like using an ISO limit and maybe some EV compensation might help out, but playing around in my house going from light to dark, there is still quite a delay as it finds exposure when using an ISO limit of 400.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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