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Trouble with creating side by side in studio

Discussion of All GoPro Studio Software Versions and issues

Trouble with creating side by side in studio

Postby huff5196 » Sun Mar 12, 2017 5:29 am

I have been creating POV and external view videos side by side. The POV camera is showing the cab view of construction equipment of when you manipulate a lever, and the second camera is showing what the result is of the lever manipulation. 2 out of 3 pairs have worked with no problem.
According to videos on YouTube, as long as the videos are close in length they will pair.
I have one set that are only two seconds different in length. 3:18 and 3:20 that will not pair.
Is there a way to edit them to match length, and then pair them for 3D free view for side by side viewing?
Both videos were recorded on identical setting, the only difference is the time stamp on the cameras.
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Re: Trouble with creating side by side in studio

Postby PTCX » Sun Mar 12, 2017 12:39 pm

If you want to trim the clips so they are the same length use the Trim Point buttons,Mark In & Mark Out,to cut the longer clip down.It is best to do this in step 2 as the trim function in step 1 is not as accurate as in step 2.
Use the counter (Storyboard Time Indicator) to match the clips to time and frames.The counter reads as Hours:Minutes:Seconds:Frames.

I have not used the 3D settings to do a side by side before (might have to try that) so I don't know if the time stamp in the files need to match perfectly but it would not hurt to try and set the time date ect. to as close to the same as possible in both cameras.

If you are not sure what any buttons are hover the cursor over the button and the name of the button will be shown as well as a keyboard shortcut.
Also take a look at the manual which can be found in the Help menu.
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