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Total Solar Eclipse just a few months away

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Total Solar Eclipse just a few months away

Postby xgi93 » Fri Apr 14, 2017 10:04 am

I'm new to both GoPro and this forum; from what I've seen so far there's a goldmine of valuable and instructive material here. The reason I'm on this particular forum (Outdoors) is to inquire if anyone here can say something about using the GoPro to get video footage of the eclipse coming this August; it will be the first total eclipse visible in the Continental US since 1918, and I have the additional advantage of my town (Clarksville, Tennessee) being almost dead center of the 68-mile-wide path of complete totality which means I'll get to see firsthand the totality moment, when the moon completely occludes the sun and all you see is a ring of fire around the edge for just a couple of minutes before the moon continues on and gradually uncovers the sun. Looking with unprotected eyes at anything other than the totality can cause serious injury (to the retina mostly, which can't feel pain so you don't even know you're being hurt) and the same thing applies to digital camera sensors. I don't want to fry my brand-new Hero 5 but I sure would like to get video of the whole sequence of events,i.e., full light to gradually getting dark to completely dark to gradually getting light to full light again, using this great little camera mounted on a tripod. Thanks very much in advance for any and all information.
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