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REMOVU , wireless LCD for GoPro

Discuss creative ideas for Remotely Controling your GoPro.

Re: REMOVU , wireless LCD for GoPro

Postby Ifti » Thu Apr 23, 2015 9:23 pm

robyr1 wrote:Is there a way to control up to 6 cameras at the same time?

Not through the Removu - it only connects to one camera at a time.
The only way to connect 6 cameras is when connecting to the GoPro Remote - but with no live stream.

In general terms, whenever a live stream is concerned, its only a single camera at a time.
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Re: REMOVU , wireless LCD for GoPro

Postby suryaprihadi » Tue Apr 28, 2015 5:41 am


I just tested firmware 1.5.1 for the Removu.

Make sure if you use more than 1 unit of Hero4, both GP are to be updated with latest V2 ( 4th Feb ) firmware.
If one GP runs older firmware than V2, switching between the 2 cameras is not possible for the Removu and the one with latest V2 firmware can't connect to Removu after Removu first connect to the GP with older firmware.

Its like the Removu memory for password is stuck with the GP of older firmware.

H4 Black or Silver, lag is still higher/longer in Removu than my Android, Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, SM-T231 model number.

I tested with 3 GP-s. Silver4 x 2 and Blackie4. Now all V2 firmware.
All good.

Whenever a GP is turned OFF but wifi is still running, connecting Removu to that GP will make the GP turned ON, without needing to be turned ON from the Removu. Its like default of the Removu R1 , which is to turn ON ang sleeping GP when wifi connection is made.

I did not test playback on Removu, only Preview and Live View.

Definition of Preview
Is when GP is on stand by and not recording, but image is delivered to Removu

Definition of Live View
Is when GP is recording and image delivered to Removu

The resolution and frame rate , where Removu R1 with 1.5.1 firmware does not support is in LIVE VIEW:
- All above 60 fps, in all resolution. So, 80FPS, 90FPS, 100FPS, 120FPS and 240FPS no LIVE VIEW.

Removu website stated : ( I dont bother to check all )

For Firmware 1.5.1

The functions that are not yet available:

1. Timelapse Video Mode

Not possible to change settings or modes on R1.
The mode icons do not show.
No RES/FPS/FOV display.

REC LED light does not blink.
I am not interested in this feature, so me don't test much. True to what website said but I don't test too extensively.

“Preview Not Supported” message shows when recording.
2. Video RES/FPS/FOV Settings Not yet available (For Hero 4 Black only)

720/240/N<<< True
2.7K/60/W <<< True
2.7K/60/M <<< True

But they forgot to state :
01. For Silver4, 2.7K LIVE VIEW is only possible for 24FPS and 25FPS, BUT 30FPS is not supported for LIVE VIEW.
02. All higher than 60 fps, no LIVE VIEW in all resolution. So 80FPS, 90FPS, 100FPS, 120FPS and 240FPS ....no LIVE VIEW.

3. Burst Options not available (R1 will display the message “Undefined” when the options is selected on GoPro.
30 photo/ 6sec <<< TRUE

End of update.
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Re: REMOVU , wireless LCD for GoPro

Postby Hobby Mounts » Wed Jul 08, 2015 10:01 pm

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Re: REMOVU , wireless LCD for GoPro

Postby bgbazz » Thu Jul 09, 2015 3:19 am

Damn...it came out much more expensive than I was expecting! Leaves me out of the game.
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Re: REMOVU , wireless LCD for GoPro

Postby bcharlow » Sat Jul 18, 2015 10:16 am

Has anyone tested the P1 with a 3+BE yet? I've been waiting to see how this works out.
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Removu P1 Lcd troubleshoot

Postby ahmadpm » Tue May 09, 2017 2:39 pm

I recently got the Removu P1 model.
When I plug in the LCD bac pac nothing happens the removu device turns on (red light comes up) but I don't see anything on the LCD, its black. The device is fully charged so that's not the problem.
The LCD works fine with my gopro. I initially thought it must be a firmware problem, but I can't update the firmware unless I can see anything.

Can anyone help ?
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