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Remotely access your GoPro videos with your iPhone or iPad

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Remotely access your GoPro videos with your iPhone or iPad

Postby younity » Sat Nov 01, 2014 4:00 am

We are a new sponsor to the forum and wanted to let the readers know about younity and how it helps make watching and sharing your GoPro videos easier.

GoPro video takes up a lot of storage, so much so that I’d never put it on my iPhone or iPad, where I manage storage like it is a rare and precious commodity. The problem is made worse though when you consider that not only are GoPro files large, GoPro owners tend to have a lot of them. Often times though, I’m out with friends or family and I want to show them some of my video, so how can I get access to it when I’m on the go. While a small amount of my edited video makes it to YouTube or Vimeo, the vast majority of it stays on my computer. With younity, I can access all my GoPro video (or any other type of content) easily, securely and on-demand.

Here are some steps to Installing younity and what you can expect to see when accessing the mobile app:

First, install younity on your home computer. It will scan your computer hard drive (including external hard drives if you tell it to) for all your files. Once it’s done (how long depends on how much content you have), install the younity mobile app on your phone and tablet. When you open the mobile app for the first time, it will download all the metadata about your files – this is peer-to-peer between your computer and your mobile device, we don’t store anything online. When all your metadata is downloaded (maybe 2-3 minutes), you can browse all your content from all your computer in one simply app. Best of all, younity figures out which of your video was shot with your GoPro and makes a convenient library of all that content for you to browse (this is helpful if your content gets spread across lots of different folders or computers).

Here are some quick tips when utilizing the younity mobile app:

  • If you renamed your files, you can easily search them in the GoPro section or the main menu’s Search option.
  • younity will grab the first frame and put it next to each file so you can recognize your videos more easily.
  • If you have an Apple TV, you can stream your video to your mobile device, then push it to a TV via AirPlay.
  • If you install younity on more than one computer, all the content is unified on your iPhone/iPad as if it were on one single computer.
  • You can browse your GoPro video from the Videos section or by folders if you go to the Files section.
  • Not only can you stream it to your device, you can share it with your friends privately if you want.

We hope you find this feature useful and look forward to your feedback.
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