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SD Card Issues and Video/Photo Loss

Discuss the GoPro Hero3 White & Silver + BacPacs, General, Issues and Trouble Shooting

Re: SD Card Issues and Video/Photo Loss

Postby suryaprihadi » Tue Sep 03, 2013 6:21 am

jimmyd14 wrote:I never did practice the "delete all/format" before but no issues came up. It's a PNY card, so it's not name brand per se, but it's also not crap.


Before this issue; I was able to copy the items to my laptop, delete the items off the card via computer, and then continue using the camera as normal.

You are like most people, you DO NOT want to listen to advice by someone with 1000s of hours on GoPro and has 10 times more GoPro products than you. That is the problem. The root of the problem is that SIMPLE.

You can yada yada all u like why GoPro is what it is , meaning problematic to you but not to us the regulars.........but you should not ask advice in the first place if you doubt what we wrote, because you are wasting members time.
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Re: SD Card Issues and Video/Photo Loss

Postby jimmyd14 » Tue Sep 03, 2013 7:04 am

mikerb wrote:You are mayube lucky to have had no problems until now given the way you use your SD card. Gopro is very particular about its relationship with its SD card.
1. don't use the gopro SD card in any other device
2. dont' delete files off the SD card with a PC......put the SD card back into the Gopro in exactly the same format as when you took it out.
3. always "delete all" as the first thing you do when you re insert the SD card into Gopro. As long as the card stays in Gopro you can switch off and on etc as many times as you like. If you remove the card...that is the end of the session.....when you put the card back in use "delete all".
4. don't connect Gopro to a PC....remove the SD card and use a card reader.

I suggest you bin the card you have which is likely corrupted for Gopro purposes now. Start with a clean card and follow the advice above. If you still have problems you may well have corrupted your firmware so you will need to reflash.


Thanks, I needed it broken down like that as I'm not overly tech savvy. You're probably right that I was lucky with it until now. I had no idea what the proper practice for the go pro was. I certainly will do this from now on when I get my new SD card.

Thank you.
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Re: SD Card Issues and Video/Photo Loss

Postby JenniferAniston » Wed Apr 13, 2016 7:59 pm

Try the portable version of Data Recovery. Don't be using your SD card in the meantime as it will overwrite the files.
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Re: SD Card Issues and Video/Photo Loss

Postby Wpaasgt » Thu May 26, 2016 7:05 pm

If you lost some files due to deleted the important files from SD Card by mistake.Don’t worry, you can use Coolmuster Samsung Data Recovery.
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