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SmaPole S1 is another winner!

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SmaPole S1 is another winner!

Postby bcharlow » Thu Nov 13, 2014 12:57 pm

Elegant is the right word for yet another well designed Smatree product, the S1 SmaPole. Elegance is the right combination of form and function in a simple way that simply works. This Gopro pole fits that to a T!
First of all, Smatree does this plain but complete and sturdy packaging, and every piece comes individually wrapped. In fact, it came with 3 sets of instructions - not necessary, but they make sure you know how to care for your equipment. That's the "extra mile".
You get two thumscrew sets, not just the one that is necessary, one a standard Gopro and one their extra sturdy Smatree with nuts and one washer, plus a very functional Smatree wrench that works with any thumbscrew. Thier instructions remind you that using the wrench in many situations is better insurance for saving your Gopro from loss.
Then the pole itself is sturdy and light aluminum. No junky parts here; all well machined and assembled. Works like a charm. Just the right length when compacted to put in any pack, but very long and stiff when fully extended. Locking and unlocking works easily. The mount at the end is also sturdy aluminum and has an integral threaded nut - nice feature they seem to always include in their designs - superior to many OEM pieces.
Wow! Another 100% score by Smatree in my book, maybe even 110%.
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Re: SmaPole S1 is another winner!

Postby GoPro#1Fan » Sat Nov 29, 2014 10:43 pm

Can you upload some photos?
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