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Smatree 13 in 1 kit

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Smatree 13 in 1 kit

Postby bcharlow » Sun Mar 29, 2015 9:07 am

Terrific set of products from Smatree, pretty much a full kit for you. As always, packaging and construction is superb. Smatree does not fool around.
Some notes: 1) the headstrap is not the "quick release" model that Gopro uses, which is meaningless most of the time anyway; 2) the suction cup mount is a compact model, not the full sized model, but it's quite sturdy and holds tight none-the-less; 3) the pole they make is just perfect in all ways, and the remote clip system for the pole is NOT coming loose! Again, as with all Smatree products, the mounts have built in nuts, which is a better design than Gopro and many other brands. Everything is high quality plastic, metal or webbing. Lots of minor thoughtful touches.
Great job yet again, Smatree!
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