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The Top 5 FREE GoPro Apps

Mac related Editing Software but NOT GoPro Studio

The Top 5 FREE GoPro Apps

Postby younity » Wed Jun 10, 2015 8:10 am

These 5 free GoPro apps can take your GoPro-ing to a new level.

GoPro App

This is a no-brainer. The GoPro App has seamlessly integrated features that let you do more with your GoPro. Our favorite feature is the remote control component. The GoPro App essentially turns your phone into a remote control so you can control all camera functions with your smartphone (way better than those little buttons on the camera). With the remote control feature you can quickly adjust camera settings, start and stop recording, switch modes, check your battery level, and “live preview” allows you to see what your GoPro sees so you can set up shots better. Another key feature allows you to preview photos and videos so you can quickly delete them before downloading them to your computer.


Whether you create content professionally or just for fun, younity is the easiest way to access all of your GoPro videos from your mobile phone or tablet. While the GoPro App lets you access footage currently on your SD card from your phone, this access is limited to ONLY the footage on your SD card plugged into your camera. Once you’ve downloaded your content to your computer and cleared your SD card, younity is the easiest way to access that content from your mobile phone or tablet while you are on the go.
For example, if you’re out with friends and want to share GoPro videos of your latest adventure or vacation, you typically couldn’t do so because those video files are stored back on your computer. younity lets you stream your video from your computer to your mobile phone or tablet. It even automatically discovers all your GoPro videos and photos so you don’t have to search for them. Now you can share your killer barrel without delay!


Trace App is FREE, Trace Action Sports Tracker is $199.99
Trace is a bit different than the other apps on this list because you have to buy a device to work with the app. But if you’re into action sports then Trace is one of the coolest technologies out there. Trace auto-edits and visualizes the performance data that’s created while filming various action sports.
The Trace Action Sports Tracker is a small puck-shaped device, which attaches to skis, snowboards, skateboards, surfboards or bikes. The device records data from a session, and the Trace app details the user’s session with information such as speed, distance, or verticals, and also data on specific tricks or turns. When you sync your GoPro to Trace, Trace will auto-edit all of your GoPro footage without you having to lift a finger. Trace has separate apps for different sports- Trace Snow for skiing and snowboarding, and Trace Surf for surfing.


The 10 App replicates some features that you can do with the GoPro app, but it adds multiple extra features that make it easier to edit and share your videos from your iPhone or iPad. The 10 App automatically spotlights the epic parts of your videos, suggests filters based on your location, and instantly adjusts edits to the time constraints of the social network where you want to share.


If you don’t want to deprive your friends of seeing your rad skillz in real-time, Livestream has a feature that lets you broadcast your GoPro video, live. The GoPro feature of Livestream’s iOS app connects your iPhone to the Wi-Fi network of the GoPro camera. By tapping a button on the phone app, the touchscreen locks and the feed from the GoPro camera begins to automatically live-stream.

And that concludes our list of the top 5 free GoPro apps! Which apps do you use for your GoPro? Any other apps you would add to the list?

We couldn’t include this app in our free list because it has a small price tag, but an honorable mention app is GoFix:


Price: $1.99
While GoPro cameras enable you to take photos where most cameras don’t dare go- the photos are somewhat distorted by the GoPro fisheye effect. While some people might be into the fisheye look, the GoFix App lets you remove the fisheye effect from still images taken with GoPro cameras. Curved horizons be gone!
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